Protect Your House with Wind Mitigation

Our wind mitigation inspections in Lakeland & Winter Haven, FL are thorough

Not sure if your new home will withstand a dangerous storm? Dennis Irving Home Inspection LLC offers wind mitigation inspections to check the stability of your house. In Lakeland & Winter Haven, FL, we're at constant risk of being hit by hurricanes and tropical storms.

Our home inspection company will make sure your house can handle anything that comes its way. Getting wind mitigation inspections can also help you save a significant amount of money on your home insurance. Contact our wind mitigation experts today to make an appointment.

Our wind mitigation inspection process

Our wind mitigation inspection process

Every time we perform a wind mitigation inspection, we follow a specific process. These steps ensure your house will be safe during a storm. We will:

  • Photograph all sides of the house and roof
  • Check the interior nail spacing
  • Check for hurricane straps and nail size

Whether you're a new or long-time house owner, you can rely on our wind mitigation pros to inspect your house thoroughly.

Why do you need wind mitigation services?

Wind mitigation inspections from Dennis Irving Home Inspection LLC are a great way to determine how you can safeguard your home against hurricanes and wind damage. A wind mitigation inspection can also help you...

  • Qualify for significantly reduced insurance premiums
  • Attract potential buyers when selling your home
  • Reduce the likelihood of extensive storm damage
  • Gain valuable peace of mind during hurricane season

To learn more about our wind mitigation inspections in Lakeland and Winter Haven, FL, connect with us at 863-838-4296 today. We’re happy to discuss any of your questions or concerns.