Need a Foundation Certificate in Lakeland & Winter Haven, FL?

Count on us to inspect your house and give you a foundation certification

If you're moving into a manufactured home, turn to Dennis Irving Home Inspection LLC for a foundation certification in Lakeland & Winter Haven, FL. We'll go underneath your mobile home to make sure the hurricane straps and wind stabilization systems are in place and report back to you.

Obtaining a foundation certificate is very important in Florida due to the high volume of storms we experience. Our inspectors will check the foundation for damage and ensure it's made of reliable materials that can withstand a storm. Call today to get an inspection done on your mobile home.

The importance of getting a foundation certificate

The importance of getting a foundation certificate

All mobile homes should be inspected to receive foundation certification. This is crucial because:

  1. The mobile home may have damage that isn't easily seen
  2. The mobile home could be at risk of detaching from the ground
  3. The mobile home may not have been made with durable materials
If you're moving into a mobile home, count on our team for an inspection and foundation certificate.